About Me

Me, Shakunthala (Shaku) Burrell originally from Mysore S.India but I have lived most of my life here in the UK.  I am an ITEC accredited & Internationally certified complementary therapist with over 13 year experience in various holistic massages which I gained whilst working full time in an office.

I took a four year break from my full time office job to follow my passion of healing, dance and travel. It wasn’t easy but I loved the challenge, the freedom,  the various experiences and the knowledge I gained traveling around.

I love my practices of Yoga, QiGong,  various forms of exercises, long walks, dancing infact any movement that leads my body to contentment and me into stillness. I do give a lot of my time into Looking after Myself,  nourishing my body, mind and soul as I so believe that unless we take care of ourselves we cannot take care of another. I am very passionate about what I do and blended with all my practices and self care I feel I am able to provide the best for my clients holistically. I believe that Life is all about the present moment and one should Do what they Love and Love what they Do, respect and take care of themselves, others and the planet – that is true living.

My main aim is to travel different lands with a big backpack  filled with all my skills, gifts, knowledge, personal experiences, stories, love and share it with people I meet  along the way. The journey has begun….