Client Love

DANCEmandala Testimonials

As someone previously not interested in dancing, I love the free and open approach to dance of DANCEMandala. There is no requirement to execute certain fixed moves or dance styles, but rather a space to move/dance as the individual sees fit.

 “Really enjoyed the evening. It was a very friendly, open-hearted group, good music and a nice safe space to dance. I’m really looking forward to going back. Thank you, Shaku, for making such a beautiful evening!

For me, this a unique chance to have fun and connect with my real self through physical cardio exercise. After a DANCEmandala session, my skin is cleaner, my mind clearer, my body more energetic and my emotions are more balanced. I have only started with this recently but the experience gets more complex, faster and easier each session and its effect on my daily life becomes deeper and longer lasting.